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Nicholas Green operates in the areas of residential electrics (flats, houses ...) and tertiary (retail premises, offices ...) for the new building or the renovation of existing power plants. Intervention in all the Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64) Béarn & the Basque Country.

Electrical work for the new building :

  • Setting up the grid
  • Food & Wiring
  • Tables and circuit breakers (protection of persons and circuits)
  • Earthing/bond
  • Electric heating Installation & hot water tank
  • Installing dry towel
  • Home automation

Electrical work for the renovation :

  • Verification of compliance with standards
  • Renovation and upgrading of electrical installations
  • Extra outlets
  • Replacing the wiring
  • Renovation of kitchen and bathroom

Other services :

  • Laying of fire detection system
  • Laying smoke detectors and carbon monoxide
  • Electrical Installation Jacuzzis - spa - sauna
  • Managing the transition from CONSUEL

Electrical troubleshooting :

  • Electric heating Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting towel dryer
  • Troubleshooting short circuits and sockets

Skilled labour at competitive prices, closer to customer needs. For more information, contact Nicholas Green by phone at

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